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Sometimes it can feel like a new guitar comes with twice as many questions as it has strings. If every guitar came equipped with a roadie, this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, roadies are hard to come by, so until until you go on your next road trip here are a few tips to keep your guitar in the best possible playing condition.

The biggest enemy of acoustic guitars in Central Texas is our ever-changing weather. Moving from dry to humid, cold to extremely hot weather can do a real number on any acoustic instrument. Finish cracking, and intonation changes are common problem for all players around here. Placing a small humidifier in your case is a great way to offset these problems.

The humidifier helps regulate the air in the case and limit the extreme dryness that do real harm to the top and necks on a guitar. Although acoustic guitars are more susceptible to this damage, electrics can fall victim as well.

Unfortunately, over time, humidity and season temperature changes will affect all guitars, no matter how many precautions are taken. As a result, you may have noticed your favorite instrument no longer plays with the ease it once did when it was new. That doesn't mean there is anything significantly wrong with your guitar. It just needs an adjustment and setup.

A setup consists of a neck adjustment, setting of the intonation, oiling the fretboard, re-stringing, and doing a complete check of the instrument to make sure there are not any underlying problems. This maintenance should be performed every 6 to 12 months to ensure your guitar continues to remain your favorite for years to come. Our $50 package includes all of this (cost of strings not included).

Danny Ray's repair services cover this and much, much more.

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